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  • Why choose Desert Valley Testing?
    Desert Valley Testing is a laboratory built by a patient, for patients. Our founder, Tabitha, developed DVT based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for good laboratory practices, and used her background in Organic Chemistry to further guide DVT into being an industry leader. Desert Valley Testing's mission from the start has been, "To provide the most ethical analytical testing for the cannabis community; offering accurate data so that patients, caregivers and distributors can make educated decisions the treatment and quality of products."
  • Why should I test my cannabis or hemp?
    Desert Valley Testing has been advocating for cannabis and hemp testing since its creation in 2014. Our founder began her search for the cannabinoid CBG after her diagnosis of Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome, and after going to dispensaries and finding that they didn't know what cannabinoids were in their products, she began testing her own medicine. It's important to test for things like metals, microbials, and pesticides because analytes like these can affect your health, and in immunocompromised patients, cause severe reactions. Cannabis is a hyperaccumulator, meaning it is very efficient at removing metals from its environment. This is good in situations like Chernobyl, where it was used to remove excess metals from the wreckage, but terrible in a typical consumer product, where excess heavy metals can lead to organ malfunction or worse.
  • What instrumentation does Desert Valley Testing use?
    We use a variety of instrumentation for our testing. Potency HPLC Residual Solvents, Terpenes GCMS Pesticides, Pendimethalin, Mycotoxins LC-MS/MS Metals ICP-MS Aspergillus, Salmonella BioRad rt-PCR E.Coli 3M Petrifilms
  • What testing does Arizona require on cannabis products?
    Visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website and select the hyperlink underneath Rules to see the most up to date requirements!
  • Can I mail you my sample?
    If you are testing hemp or cbd products, then yes! Your sample needs to be below the federal legal limits in order to be allowed through the postal service. Please include payment with your sample or be prepared to pay when we recieve your samples!
  • How much of my sample do I need to include for testing?
    Check out our Sample Requirements document for our most up to date sample requirements for testing. You can find this in the How to Submit section as well.
  • What do I need to bring for sample drop off?
    If you are testing Cannabis Products, you will need: Complete Chain of Custody including: Net weight of all samples Matching sample numbers on COC & sample labels Trip Manifest, including: Correct date of drop off Full and complete map Start and end time of trip Name of person transporting samples Dispensary Agent card Payment Cash, Check or Credit Card (Card payments will include a 3.5% service fee) If you are testing Hemp/CBD products, you will need: Complete Chain of Custody including: Net weight of all samples Matching sample numbers on COC & sample labels Payment Cash, Check or Credit Card (Square will take a 3.5% service fee)
  • How do I complete the Chain of Custody?
    Check out our How to Complete the Chain of Custody document for a quick walkthrough of how to fill it out. You can find this in the How to Submit section, or click to expand the image.
  • How can I pay for my testing?
    We accept, Cash, Check or Credit Card. If you pay with a credit card, will take an additional 3.5% fee. Payment is due at time of drop off, prior to testing being completed.
  • How do I read a Certificate of Analysis?
    Check out our document explaining more about what's on a CoA and what you need to know. Click the image to expand.
  • I made a mistake when submitting samples, can I have the correct changes updated on the COA?
    Yes, don't worry if you have made a typo or have any changes needing made to the COA. DVT does ask for a Change Request Form to be submitted when making changes after reporting. This form should be filled out with all pertinent information and sent to to have changes approved.
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