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Open the Chain of Custody form by clicking the button below. In the upper right hand corner of the screen there will be a print icon for you to click on. Print the document.


You may also print and fill out the Sample Questionnaire in order to provide more information about your product that may help us in our testing.


Complete the Chain of Custody

If you need a visual guide please click on the button below to reference "how to" guide.


Submit Chain of Custody

and Payment

Drop offs are available every Monday-Friday 9-5pm, we are now taking appointments to help your drop off go as smooth as possible. Click below to schedule!

Mail in samples are possible as long as they're under the federal hemp levels.

Payment must be included with submission.

We accept checks, cash and credit/debit (with a 3.5% service charge). If you have questions about the amount you will owe, call or email us.

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